A successful Semi-Public Workshop was held virtually on the 11th December. We had over 40 participants, including CBRNe practitioners, the European Commission, colleagues from other research projects and our Advisory Boards.

It was an ideal opportunity for the technical and research teams to update those attending with the latest news on how the project continues to move forward well towards its goals. The participants were briefed on what has been achieved and the plans ahead for the remainder of the project.

Bringing all the various components together into one comprehensive System was what we intended for 2020. But the travel and meeting difficulties associated with Covid brought a few challenges in this regard. 

We did have two successful face to face integration meetings in March and September, but unfortunately it was not possible for all the partners to travel to these. Remote integration has played its part as well, but there is understandably some more work to be done.

Despite these obstacles, a lot of progress has definitely been made and we are very confident about what we will achieve in 2021. We will finalise the integration (physically), conduct CBRNe practitioner training in the use of the System, run a desktop field exercise in Slovakia, and bring everything together in the important Final Trial in France. 

A full Public Workshop will then be held towards the end of the project in 2021, so look out for the announcement on this website and in social media and we hope to see you there in person. Until then, thank you for supporting the TERRIFFIC project.



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