Tools for early and Effective Reconnaissance

Project Objectives

The core mission of TERRIFFIC is to develop a comprehensive system of complementary, interconnected and modular software and hardware components. Individually they will substantially enrich the European response to CBRNe events, but together, as an integrated TERRIFFIC System made available to all EU practitioners on the ENCIRCLE Catalogue, they will enable a step-change to the response in the initial hours.

The five main objectives of the project are related to the specification, the development and the testing of this system and its core components:

Objective 1

Deepen the shared understanding between CBRNe practitioners and (technological) solution providers on the needs and requirements during the “first hours” of response and the technological possibilities and features matching them.

Objective 2

Create the open architecture of the TERRIFFIC System, which promotes future integration of existing solutions, and develop an innovative user interface enabling practitioners to easily deploy the system during immediate response.

Objective 3

Adapt promising existing solutions from previous research initiatives, convert them into TERRIFFIC core components and integrate them into the TERRIFFIC System.

Objective 4

Develop novel solutions on mobile sensing, measurement devices and dispersion models and integrate them as core components into the TERRIFFIC System.

Objective 5

Successfully test the TERRIFFIC System and its core components under demanding lab conditions and within field trials to demonstrate the reduction of response time within the “first hours” of an RNe incident.

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