The INCLUDING project is seeking to provide fully-fledged and comprehensive training in the RN security sector at the European level. Starting from the existing training resources of the partners in the consortium, in most cases developed in the framework of EC projects, INCLUDING aims to enhance the practical know-how and to boost a European sustainable training and development framework for practitioners in the RN Security sector.

Far from being a simple aggregation of entities separated geographically and with complementary expertise, INCLUDING is intended to be a cluster of facilities and resources pursuing a Federated Model in which individual components will cooperate together to provide a common framework for optimising the exploitation of all the potentialities available in the Cluster.

Project Objectives

1. To provide a Pan-European Federated model of RN Security sector cluster to optimise sharing of resources and expertise.

2. To develop a centralised management tool for remote booking and utilisation of resources in the Federation.

3. To develop a common learning framework for RN training.

4. To capitalise on the results and training facilities developed in previous EU projects.

5. To execute several real threats driven Joint Actions at Federation facilities to validate the federated model.

6. To collaborate with RN community, on-going EU and national projects and other clusters for long-term sustainability of the Federation.

Further details about the INCLUDING project can be found on the project website at 

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