The 4th International Symposium on Development of CBRN Protection Capabilities took place in Berlin on 03-05 September 2018. Mark Wooley from project coordinator ARKTIS Radiation Detectors Ltd presented an overview of TERRIFFIC and outlined what the partners are looking to achieve over the next three years. In simple terms, this is the development of a comprehensive system of complementary, interconnected and modular software and hardware components, which will significantly improve the response to a CBRNe incident in the initial few hours.
– new detectors
– algorithms
– drones
– robots
– dispersion models
– information management software
– decision support systems

The Berlin CBRN Symposium is one of the world’s leading CBRN conferences and is a political, strategic and conceptual orientated symposium. Attracting up to 800 attendees from 60+ nations, it offers a high-ranking main programme with national and international speakers, as well as panel discussions with experts. There is also a large exhibition with 50+ exhibitors inside the conference centre and a large outdoor exhibition and demonstrations on the day prior to the conference.

More information about the Symposium is available from the website


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