This is the 13th Annual CBRNe Convergence and comes on the back of runaway recent successes in Nashville, Orlando and Indianapolis. This three day event has two pre-conference workshops, a two day streamed conference (that allows you to pick the information that matters to you), the largest exhibition of CBRN equipment in the US in 2020 and a dynamic demonstration.

The two workshops are ‘High Threat Exercise’ and ‘Health response to the Novichok poisoning’ The first is run by the team from the Wales Extremism and Counter Terrorism Unit, and will look at some real cases and innovative ways of managing them. The team has been a big hit at previous events and with new cases it is sure to be a ‘must attend.’

The second workshop brings back together Nick Gent, from Public Health England, and Nick Spence, from the National Ambulance Resilience Unit, who spoke to great acclaim in Nashville, with Wayne Darch, who was South Western Ambulance Service’s Strategic Commander at the time of the Skripal case. This three hour session will go into the medical response and the that were lessons learned from it and applied in the Rowley/Sturgess case.



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